Pique is an unofficial, non-professional and passion-driven site for blog and web design. It is a haven for bloggers who need designs and designers alike, and if you spare a few moments to look around you will find that Design Pique is oriented to creating quick, efficient and unique designs for online portals from all over.

So why choose me? Here at Pique Studios, you are involved every step of the way. From choosing colour palettes to determining the typography and graphics in your design, I notify you at every stage of the process. I collect your opinions and alter the making suitably to your taste.

I have numerous choices here- Designs are all created based on your time, the details you are willing to give and the elements you need. If you prefer complicated schemes that take relatively long, no problem! If you want a quickly available yet beautiful design that can be done in a couple days, I can do that for you. If you already have an idea of what you want your site to look like and want help reshaping it, do get in touch.

I can do so much as creating graphics for you, but if you would like us to select fonts, themes etc. for you as well, I have no problem with that. This feature avails for WordPress, Weebly and Wix blogs and sites.

The best part? I don’t keep you waiting! Getting things done by unprofessional people has its advantages because if I have a bunch of orders on the waiting list, I switch between projects from time to time. I am not a full-time designer but fully passionate and that may not be the same thing, but that does not make any difference to the quality I offer you.

All of the fonts, graphics etc. are sourced from trusted and free sources, but are not overused. I guarantee you uniqueness. Some may not be free now, but they were are one point of time. I will only use paid resources with your consent and will have to charge you the same amount. This is only a step in my dream of becoming a designer- I make no profits.

Included in your design will be a small graphic crediting Pique, you may put it somewhere in your sidebar or footer. If you like, it can also be made with regard to your palette and design. That is all, no extra crediting required.

My promise to you is that I will design your site as though it was my own and value your choices over all else. Hope you enjoy your stay here at Design Pique Studios. Do look through and leave me your valuable feedback. 🙂