What I am

I have always had an eye for detail and a love for lucid and clean design, and am driven to create beautiful and flexible websites for those who need them. I am a highschooler living in the busy streets of Bangalore, India, and I work with colours, feelings and Photoshop.

What I am not

I am not a designer by profession, nor do I have any professional training. I am reliant on my own intuition when it comes to design, and I trust my intuition not to be unsatisfactory. 😉

What I wish to be

I want to be a professional designer, and chase what sets my soul on fire. I might not be trained for the profession yet, so to speak, but I have been mentored by renowned designer Alicia Souza, done a little illustration course and had a dialogue with UX and service designer Narendra Ghate. I’m always looking for ways to take a step forward in my dream. And I aspire to provide the best service I can.

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    I love that you are using your passion for graphic design for a lovely purpose! I’ll ask my brother if he wants a blog design. I know you follow his blog: arhansavenue.wordpress.com.

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