Introducing the newest feature of Design Pique Studios- cheaply made animated videos to promote your business, or well, just for fun!

You may have seen this video explaining this site on my homepage:

This was a self-made video, an experiment using online tools.

I have done quite a few of these videos for my family’s own personal needs and I feel I am ready to take my skills a little farther.

FAQ (Please make sure to read through if you’re planning to get this service done)


My aim is to make this videos for

  • Newly launched YouTubers wanting to explain what their channel is about
  • Businesses who want to explain what they are about
  • Businesses who want to launch a product
  • Freelancers such as artists, writers and photographers who want to launch/ explain their work or services
  • People seeking advertisement for a project or service

I can also create video presentations, infographics and pitches.


I must admit that this takes a lot more effort than regular blog designs, so this will be a charged service.

But this goes along the line for being unprofessional, and so the charges will be $5/min. I do not charge for tweaks, you can have unlimited changes. But please do not abuse ‘unlimited’- I will not re-do the entire thing so think about what you need before you order!

However, this price is available only for the first five orders and then it will be increased by a couple bucks. So get it while the offer’s still there!
The payment will be discussed via email.

I may cut off a dollar or so if I know you as a blogger! 😉


Initially, you will simply have to fill out the form below.

In less than a week, you will receive an email with extra details you will need. Please note that I will need a to-the-point, screen-by-screen storyboard from you once we get started.

If you have no idea what your video will contain you will have to get one before you order, please! I’m just doing the execution work here. 😛 However, if you have just a rough idea, I can help develop it into a storyboard.


My personal approximation is one month, but based on the circumstance, it may be even less.

If you’re all set, fill out this form and we’re good to go!