ASMP Day Two

Hahaha. Is it funny I remembered to do this on day three? Because seriously, being a designer for others is waaay harder than I thought. And way more appealing than I expected. As a plus point, it is a great excuse for procrastination.

Welcome to the second post about my once-in-a-lifetime design mentorship program experience!


I like keeping things brief and organized, and very often those two things clash and turn into boring instead. I don’t know what this is supposed to be. You decide.

Anyway, it’s about time we jumped right in!

Assignment from Day One

Look up Art Movements and pick a favourite. Then make an A3 poster about it, and dress like it in the next session.

What We Did

Of course, the session started off with a presentation of our projects. The Art Movement I chose was called Pointillism, which is essentially the creation of a picture using small dots of colour. But I, being the messer-upper of the century, made tiny black dots and got a finished product of this.pointillism

And yes, the colours turned out drab and plain weird, and so, my friends, my chosen career of a messer-upper went one more step towards great success.


After that, we worked with colours and compositions. And at the final stage of the session, we began discussing stop motions, which we were going to be making next time (which was today, sheesh).

The stop motion was meant to market some of Alicia’s Valentine’s products. Keeping that in mind, we tried to cook up a storyline and look for bases on which to build the vid. How it turned out is a long story, but I’m evil and I prefer to keep you waiting until the next post. 🤪

What Next?

Day Three was conducted today, 30th January. Rather unfortunate that I posted so late, so all the drama has leaked from that sentence.

Our assignment for Day Three was to illustrate a day in our life and to use Photoshop to digitalize it. This was to see how far we had gone into Photoshop by ourselves and to… test out individual skill?

I could show my work to you now, but… nope. Let’s wait until next time, shall we? As of now, I want to thank each and every one of you guys for your continued support and lovely comments.

I hope to see you in the next post!

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