First Time Here- Hellos, How-Do-You-Dos and Introductions

Hello there! I’m the solidified blob of creative juice behind Design Pique Studios, and my name happens to be Mukta.

I’m not going to talk too much about myself or about DPS here. You can read really lengthy and detailed descriptions about all of that here and here but right now, let me take you through some other things.

In the blog section of this site, you will find updates on every new site I design. Two posts for each- the first will be an overview and the second will be a behind the screens type, where I will share particular hardships I faced in the design (if any 😉 ) and my overall experience and other such. If you asked for a design but wouldn’t want that, it’s alright, tell me so. But all in all, it’s a neat little opportunity for publicity, heh heh.

Also, you will find the occasional article, reblog or how-to, and sometimes a few clever tips I happen to discover. Even if you don’t need a design, it’d be great if you stick around to learn what I know. Share tips, interact with other designers in our little community, maybe?

As for now, I’ll not get very wordy. Goodness, there is a lot you should know if you want a design done! Head over to Order a Design to send me a request, I would appreciate that very much. I would also be delighted if you shared something about Design Pique on social media, what with the fresh release! A little link somewhere in the corner of one of your posts would certainly make me glad, and a reblog or so would be more than I could ask of you.

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned!

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