I Open at the Close// Project 3: Born Free

Apparently, November was not a means for me to relax from designing and write until my fingers fell off but an overlong period to procrastinate and eat chocolate and watch a cartload of movies and design my own blog when I was at it.

Okay, okay, so here’s what happened- when I was on hiatus, I got a whopping eight orders (actually more but stuff happened) and then I realised that December was going to be even more hectic than November. And that’s saying something.

So guess what? I’m going on hiatus again. Because hey, dealing with all of this is one thing and giving it all extra fine individual attention is another thing. And that’s exactly my goal with DPS, so there you are.

Now that we’re done with all that, let’s see the very productive work I did in November. Let’s roll!


About Born Free

Basically a messed up blog about everything and nothing, run and maintained by yours truly. We have cookies.



I also found myself a matching theme and everything and tried to go for a different feel than what I had.








Self-Promo 😎


The experience was good, I was brilliant to work with, and all in all I’m pretty happy with how this came out! I found richer colours to play around with and tried to go a little beyond my comfort zone, so that’s one more cool thing I did this November. 😉


So tell me, how did your November go? What do you think of my new design, and what cool things did you do this November apart from NaNo? Have you fainted from exhaustion yet or are you a fast healer?


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    Thank you! They’re from all over the place, actually. I get them off free sources like Dafont most of the time, though it’s really hard to navigate to a style I like. But otherwise they have some really cool ones. The one I used for my blog, I got it free for a limited time.

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    Hi Mukta. Would you mind making a ‘site designed by DESIGN PIQUE STUDIOS’ kinda thang for ma blog?

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