Last Day of ASMP// Expectations, Reality and Black Forest Cake


If you’re going to skip to the end, I’m going to give you a real quick overview of what we did on day four- WE ATE.

Assignment from Day Three

Make stuff for your mentors. Anything.

The night before the session I grabbed two pieces of sun board and ripped the top layer off. Then I painted all over them and did some calligraphy with white saying Thank You. Apparently, those things were supposed to be coasters. But coasters with Thank You written on them? Uh… weird.

I also forgot to take a picture. How convenient.

What We Did

When I reached the place the other two girls were already there, and so was a humongous pile of- you guessed it- food. It started with Alicia talking to us about how the program went, if and how it helped us and other stuff like that.

Following that, we ate some cake, cookies and homemade shortbread, which was definitely that highlight of the day. The whole studio team was there (for the food, of course 😉 ). Soon after we were given certificates and a goodbye, and just like that, ASMP ended.

It had originally been planned as a 5-day mentorship but we only did four, and the fourth day shouldn’t even be counted so I can say that this program didn’t match my expectations. But it did give me something to look forward to, and it made me feel like a part of something. It took my artistic productivity to a different level and I also received a good amount of helpful tips and guidance. Although not very clear, I have a good sketch of how a design studio works and the people involved in it.

All in all, I did enjoy this! There are areas where it could have been better but I’m proud that I got to be part of something so unique and work with as accomplished a designer as Alicia!

So What Next?

I’m currently in the process of rethinking the Design Pique ethic and have come up with some ideas to make my customer experience even better! For those whose projects are currently on hiatus, look out for a crazy ride this April. 😀

I am also hoping to write a post in April about the changes that will take place and also one which gives an insight into how I work.
Also, say hey- Design Pique has now completed 20 orders! *wolf whistles*

Thank you for all your support, and see you again next month!

Much love,

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