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    Ok! I might consider having you design my book, that would be awesome! Of course I’d have to write it first…XD

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    Hi Mukta, ok so I went to your Book Order page and I wanted to order a book cover, but it doesn’t have a Title yet! Are you busy with NaNo or anything during November? Coz if you are, then I don’t wanna trouble you during that month. If you aren’t, I might already have come up with a Title by then 🙂

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      Well, it would be more convenient with the title, and I suppose I am busy with NaNo this November… It’d be nice if we could start once you find a name! Thanks, Starling. <3

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    Hi! I’m thinking about getting a new blog but I’m hopeless at designing! Do you have any examples that you could show me before I decide what I want done?

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    Hi Mukta! I ordered a design yesterday and I still haven’t got any mail regarding that. You don’t need to rush, but I just wanted to know if you got my order.

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    Hi, I want to order a book cover design but it says the site is closed until april?? But it is april 22??

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      I know that… I was actually planning to make some changes to the site. That includes the method in which I work, the services I offer and even the price.
      Currently I am fully occupied! I am really sorry, but please place your order if it is very necessary at the moment… So sorry, and thank you!

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    Hey, Mukta! Just wanted to let you know that I put in a design order about two weeks ago and still haven’t gotten a reply…just wondering if you’ve gotten it and how soon we can get started, thanks!

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