Psst… not sure what to enter? Skim through the details below.




If you have an email you are willing to use for this purpose, enter it in the email box in the form. All the conversations will take place via email. This is the most recommended because attaching graphics and communicating opinions will be easier. Since you will be involved in every step of the process (to learn about that, click here), email conversation is most convenient. I guarantee your email will not be misused.


If you don’t prefer to give out your email, I can communicate with you through the comment section on your site. I will attach links to the images once I am done working with them. If you do not want others to access these images, you will have to unapprove the comment after you have replied to it. The images I send you do not have to be downloaded- Once all the graphics have your consent, I will put them in a .zip file and send it to you for altogether download.


Lastly, you can communicate with me via this site- I will create a password protected post where I will upload all the graphics for approval. the password will be sent to you through the contact form on your site. If you do not have one, I suggest you make one for convenience. Changes can be suggested in the comments, which none else can look upon and where all communication will take place. After you suggest them (if any), I will update them in the same post. You will be notified of every update through the same contact form.


I can design the following elements for your site-

  • Colour Palette (unless you already have one you want absolutely no change in)
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Divider
  • Signoff
  • Featured image template (valid for Photoshop users only)
  • Page header graphics
  • Background
  • Social Media icons
  • Button
  • Logo

This is only a list of what I can design for you. Select what you wish to include in the form at the bottom of this page.


Payments (if applicable) will be transacted via PayPal. I have a pay-as-you-like policy that allows you to choose how much you want to pay after your design is done, starting from $0.


COMPLETE DESIGNING (Inclusive of themes, webfonts etc.) SERVICE

In this service, I will do absolutely everything for you. I will upload the images, customize the colours and fonts, add the divider, signoff etc. in your media and polish everything off. You don’t have to do anything, hear hear! After I finish the process, I will permanently remove myself from your site. I will not do anything hazardous to your site, and if you find myself doing so you can remove me from all authority and report me.

If you trust me enough to do it, you will have to add me as an administrator in your site. This service is valid for WordPress, Weebly and Wix sites only.


Go to MY SITES- PEOPLE and click on INVITE USER. Type my username (anjalmukta) and set my role as Administrator. Send the invitation.


Click on EDIT SITE for the site you want me to design. Go to SETTINGS- EDITORS and click on ADD EDITOR. Type my email ( and give me the Admin permission. Click on SAVE EDITOR. The invite will be sent.


Select the site you want me to design. Click on ROLES AND PERMISSIONS and then on ADD CONTRIBUTOR. Enter my email ( and give me the Admin role. Send the invite.


Don’t have much time? No problem. DPS’s Quick Design Service is, as the name suggests, super quick. In about two days, I will get your complete design ready. This will not involve you at every stage, but if you are not satisfied with the end product you are free to reject it.


This site is mainly centred around web design. However, I can also do book designs. For ebooks, I will do the front cover and for physical ones, you can order a front, back and spine design. Only crediting required. To order you will have to visit our Book Design page.


Name: Your first name
Email: If you want to use the Email Communication option, enter your valid email.
Website to be designed: The URL of the site you want me to design. The same site will be used for the Communication via Blog option.
Comments: Your already existing colour scheme (optional), the feel of your blog (fun and spunky, quiet and impactful, businesslike etc.) and other details you would like to mention.
Checkbox for the Complete Designing Service: Only check if you are interested in having this service.
Checkbox for the Quick Design Service: Only check if you are interested in having this service.
Communication type: Choose the kind of communication you will use to receive the designs.

I’ll ask you for the elements you’d like made once the process begins.

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  2. Reply

    Ok! I might consider having you design my book, that would be awesome! Of course I’d have to write it first…XD

  3. Reply

    Hi Mukta, ok so I went to your Book Order page and I wanted to order a book cover, but it doesn’t have a Title yet! Are you busy with NaNo or anything during November? Coz if you are, then I don’t wanna trouble you during that month. If you aren’t, I might already have come up with a Title by then 🙂

    • Reply

      Well, it would be more convenient with the title, and I suppose I am busy with NaNo this November… It’d be nice if we could start once you find a name! Thanks, Starling. <3

  4. Reply

    Hi! I’m thinking about getting a new blog but I’m hopeless at designing! Do you have any examples that you could show me before I decide what I want done?

  5. Reply

    Hi Mukta! I ordered a design yesterday and I still haven’t got any mail regarding that. You don’t need to rush, but I just wanted to know if you got my order.

  6. Reply

    Hi, I want to order a book cover design but it says the site is closed until april?? But it is april 22??

    • Reply

      I know that… I was actually planning to make some changes to the site. That includes the method in which I work, the services I offer and even the price.
      Currently I am fully occupied! I am really sorry, but please place your order if it is very necessary at the moment… So sorry, and thank you!

  7. Reply

    Hey, Mukta! Just wanted to let you know that I put in a design order about two weeks ago and still haven’t gotten a reply…just wondering if you’ve gotten it and how soon we can get started, thanks!

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