Project 1.1- Edify Now Overview

Edify Now is my first ever official design, and I am really proud.

Here’s a fun fact- it was the real inspiration behind Design Pique. Yes, you heard that right, I began doing this design way before DPS was released.


It began this way- I incidentally knew the owner of this site, and I received an email on the 26th of September, saying he wanted a complete rebranding to his site. Being the perky designer that I am, I sent him my approval with my utmost glee (a tad bit too much glee, mind you). But more on the backstory in my next post. Here’s an overview of the site.


About Edify Now

“We love building and rebuilding Brand Experiences through our tailor-made digital solutions. Using the web, apps, and progressive tools, we create an unforgettable brand interaction experience which your customers use to establish their brand in the digital world.”
sourced from site

Page Headings

A good way to start is by showing you something that was extremely handy during the design- a nice little background I made using the colour scheme suggested by my… um… client. When you open the site (link at the end of this post), you will be able to notice its use in many places. The second image is the original one. Click to zoom in.

Who knows, maybe sometime soon you’ll see how a trick I used to do this. 😀

This image was used in all the headers in the site. I used a simple font scheme in the graphics, both sans serifs, also used in the body.


I’m going to admit that the logo took quite a bit of work. It needed to be remade about four times because there always seemed to be something wrong in it to me.


Main Aspects of Design

The main and most difficult things to design were the graphics used in the Our Services section (you’ll see what I mean when you visit the website). All of them were images with lots of different colour schemes- altering them was a pretty hard task. Here are some of the images I worked with. Click to zoom in.

Other Graphics, My Role in the Layout and Designing Experience

Here are a few other graphics created for the site which are scattered across the site. Click to zoom.

My role in the layout included the setting out fonts and choosing the theme, formatting the images and adjusting spacing. In other words, he received the Complete Designing Service (find out more here), although half of the Home page was set by Pranav, as being the owner of the site he had all rights to format it the way he liked, and so the whole credit cannot be given to me. He was very helpful when I had difficulties with things (discussions on that in the next post). Something he said very often in our conversations was “No worries, it’s okay.” 🙂

In the footer of the site, you will find an image crediting Design Pique for the design. Sort of like a mark of authenticity.

Testimonial from the Owner

Hi, I am Pranav Jere, the founder and CEO of Edify Now Singapore.

We wanted to completely revamp our corporate website and branding and were looking for a professional but fresh look. When we approached many design studios most the of designs which were submitted to us by people were dull looking corporate colours with blue, orange and grey. We wanted to use some fresh looking colours but still wanted to maintain the professional looks of the site. When we approached Mukta from Design Pique Studios, she suggested for us to use a nice gradient effect of purple and blue. When she showed us examples we were impressed.

Logo design and conceptualisation of the website was done by Design Pique Studios. The founder of the studio, Mukta has good experience in Photoshop and was able to implement the uniformity in the logo, website and pictures on the website. She chose and customized the pictures which were perfectly fitting for the products which we wanted to showcase on the website.

All the changes were delivered very fast and entire concept design was completed within a couple of days.

I definitely recommend Design Pique Studios if you want to get the best design ideas and fresh looks for your website.

And with this nice bit of praise, I end this post.


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