Project 4- A Light in the Darkness Overview+ Behind the Screens

Note: Since this project was not very big, I’ve merged the Overview and Behind the Screens into one post.

Gracie was one of the first people to order a design from here, and I’m very proud to have contributed this little bit to her blog. She is one of the most amazing and unique people I have had the opportunity to work for, and before you leave this post, make sure to browse around her place because it’s one of my favourite ones in the blogosphere. 🙂

This time, I didn’t design the header. Instead, I got to make Gracie a chat prompt and a divider, which was much easier… or not? I suppose it took just as much effort but not as much time, if that makes sense. I think it’s time to show you what I did already, huh?


About A Light in the Darkness

“This blog is me trying to be ‘a light in the darkness’. I chose to call my blog that because often my Dad would tell me stories about the people who have shaped our world and how they are like lights guiding the people in the darkness to light and safety, just like a lighthouse.”

sourced from site


Chat Prompt

I really enjoyed designing this, particularly because of the thing I did with the question mark. Also, the texture I used was originally red in colour, so doing all the colour alterations finally required some real Photoshop skills. 😛



This one’s story is interesting; I actually chopped this off a part of the font and applied the texture to it, so it compliments the prompt graphic nicely.



This was a very different project and I’m so happy I got to do it! Oh, and you noticed the new design, didn’t you? Lots of things have changed and there are loads of new features. And one of them is this new project profile template I’m going to be using from now-

post graphic

Testimonial from Gracie

Mukta was brilliant to work with. She involved me in every step of the process and her creativity, patience and ingenuity really shone through in her friendly, chatty emails. She was super accommodating and always asked me what I thought, giving me opportunities to make suggestions and share my ideas. I’ve recommended her services to several friends looking to start blogs in the future and would happily do so again. Thanks, Mukta!

Make sure to visit Gracie’s site, and to see my design in action maybe skim through her posts! She also very kindly wrote a post revealing the designs.


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    So glad you liked it! I don’t mind giving you the font name, but what bit are you talking about?

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