Project 5- Rationality is Not Me Overview+ Behind the Screens

Note: Since this project was not very big, I’ve merged the Overview and Behind the Screens into one post.

Hello there! How’s your day going so far?

Today I’m going to share another of my earliest projects, the header of the blog of a very talented studyblr-er (wow, I have no idea what that means) and insanely entertaining human being in general.

You may know Tanisha as the girl behind Rationality is Not Me (wow, same!)

the quality of being able to think sensibly or logically.

Well, come join the gang.


About Tanisha

“The truth is, unlike my friends, I’ve always been one for flashy entrances. I like to be memorable, someone that you’d never dare forget. I’m a bit power-hungry, which I self-diagnose as “leadership qualities”. I like to write, read, think, look, love, and observe. I’m what you’d call a “weirdo”.  I don’t believe in teenage girls who think they’re worth nothing, or 3rd graders who think they rule the world (AKA my sister).  I believe in equity, not equality, and that destiny is fully changeable.”

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Well… pretty much just the header, I guess, so let’s keep this short and crisp.


And of course, the little credit image I am so very fond of-



Tanisha gave me a good idea of what she wanted and was brisk and straightforward with her replies, so working with her was not hard. I had some difficulty with the fonts but when that was done, everything finished fairly quickly. Tanisha got the Complete Design Service, which means I set the theme for her.


Testimonial from Tanisha

Hi, I’m Tanisha, and I’m the author of Rationality Is Not Me. I decided to change the types of posts I would be writing on my blog, and my theme didn’t seem to work with it.

I had been following Mukta’s blog for a while, and when I saw that she was offering to design blogs for free, I jumped at the chance.

I asked Mukta to design my header, and within 24 hours, she had replied to my email. Following this, she always replied promptly and we managed to finish the design in roughly 2 weeks.

Mukta is experienced in graphics and has an amazing work ethic, so if you’re having trouble with your blog’s designs, I would definitely recommend Design Pique Studios!


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