Say Hello to Pique Studios! 😆

Pique was a dream that I had months ago- maybe a distant one back then, but a dream nevertheless. I wanted to take Design Pique a little further, make it unique and versatile, and today, it’s all here.

I’m probably screaming right now.

So what’s new?

Pique continues to offer everything it has, but with a new policy: pay-as-you-like. I started with free designing to build up on my experience, and in a year I’ve had plenty of experience (more than I’d ever hoped, to be honest), and now I’ve decided to start with optimal charges. You will only be charged at the end of the process, and you can choose what amount would be fitting for your experience- starting $0 onwards!

Also, the shiny new site is based and has a truckload of cool new features which I’m so excited about! Plugins and a built-in site, for starters, and a lot more which I am yet to explore.

There are also animated videos I can make for you that I’ve never formally introduced before at $5 per minute, and you can learn more about them here.

The feature I’m most excited for is products! I’ve compiled a small range of apparel and notebooks that you can order from here. They come with a handwritten note, and if I know you as a blogger, I might slip in a little something along with your order like a bag of authentic Indian chai, a snack, bookmarks or something along those lines. 😉 As of now, since I can’t find a workaround, it’ll take about 3 weeks for your order to reach you, but I hope to find a workaround soon enough.

I’m all pumped up to see where Pique Studios goes! 😀 Also, in case you were wondering why I chose today to launch the site, 3rd October 2018 marks 1 year of Pique! 🎉

Please note that this site is not fully developed yet and you may find imperfections in random places. If you ever find anything that needs fixing, I would appreciate it ever so much if you could send my a message through my Contact page or drop a mail ( If any of you are users, I’d love to hear some tips!

Also, for those of you whose orders went on hold because of this, thank you so much for putting up with me! You can expect a mail soon.

Make sure to check out all the new features, guys!

Thank you for all your continued support! I hope to hear more from you in the comments! <3


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    • Reply

      And I came back just to tell you that I am officially drooling over EVERYTHING. Your website is gorgeous, and professional. I love the products! Only things I would mention:
      -You may want to check out your shop section. There’s some random things floating around at the bottom there that says “Please add widgets” 😛
      -You don’t have my cover uploaded.
      -The page for your portfolio cannot be found.

      • mukta


        Aah, thanks SO much for all your support! I am eternally grateful. XD
        Oh, I’ll go check those out. Thanks so much again! <33

  1. Reply

    AHH I’m so excited for this, Mukta! you have been such an inspiration to me. I am so excited for your new products and features. I love the new site! I’m so excited to see what comes for you.

  2. Zielle


    Wow, Mukta, this looks AMAZING! You are a brilliant designer and I’m so glad things are going well for you! I checked out your tees, hooides and notebooks and they looks so good. <3 Keep it up! I'll have to buy something from you one day. 🙂

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