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I reached out to Mukta last year as I really loved the design I’d seen. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to take on any more projects at the time. Luckily for me, Mukta got in touch with me once she had more time on her hands. The work is impeccable but what’s more is the service I received. When we started I only knew I wanted pink, bright colours and something with a unicorn. With this very vague description of what I wanted, Mukta set to work and came up with some stunning designs. My knowledge of design is very limited but Mukta took the time to explain things to me, and never once made me feel like I was asking dumb questions!! She also offered expert advice and was honest when my ideas got a bit too crazy. I’ll definitely be recommending Pique Studios and hopefully use them in the future, if I ever feel my designs needs to be changed.


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