When we travel, we need to think about food from 3 different angles:
– Nutrition for our body that gives us energy and can help us to cope with all the perils of travel
– Factor that can increase the risk of issues by causing damage (inflammation, irritants)
– Tool to adjust to new timezone

Food as nourishment
Our body needs balanced intake of macronutrients to provide energy, and micronutrients to function properly and defend from different aggravators.

Whatever is your current diet, you should step up when you travel. Keep in mind that when you travel
your body is under attack, and it needs all the help you can provide to keep everything in order. Fresh
vegetables and healthy fats will …

Food as poison
Even though we should really be eating better when we travel, usually the opposite is true. We grab the stale sandwich at the airport lounge or hotel lobby. In the airplane they feed us the cheap microwaved and unappetizing (even with large amount of salt and MSG) meals. It doesn’t help that
it’s often for free – even if we would not buy it if we had to pay, we feel compelled to eat it. Not only it does not have the right nutrients our bodies need, but this kind of food heavily burdens metabolism and triggers inflammatory response.

Food as a tool to adjust to new timezone
Section ……..[add section name and link] explains how food serves as reset button on our circadian rhythm. You can use this to your advantage when you need to adjust to new timezone. Precise meal timing may seem complicated, but Hecatee will guide you for best results.

– Know when you need to eat and plan based on that
– If given choice on the plane, commit to always picking the healthier option
– Some airlines allow you to pick meals in advance based on different diets – get the option that seems to be the healthiest
– Check airport food options in advance and decide where to go
– If you’re at the lounge, commit to eat just the 2 most healthy options there
– If the recommended food timing is different from timing of airplane food or your lounge access, bring your own snacks. Nuts, dark chocolate, fruits or even veggies are great options.

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