Know how much sleep you get

As was proven in several studies, people consistently underestimate how big impact their insufficient sleep has on their performance – and the more sleep deprived people are, the more difficult is to recognize the impairment.

To have objective information about the real duration, it’s best to use technology to track it. If you don’t have a wearable device (Oura ring, fitness band, or any smart watch), you can just use your phone. There are plenty of apps to choose from – for example Sleep as Android, Sleep Cycle alarm clock or other.

They can help you to track how much you sleep, but also how well rested you feel in the morning, and whether you suffer from social jetlag. Social jetlag is a phenomena resulting from our typical work week – majority of people wake up much later during the weekend compared to weekday waking
time. Waking up 2 hours later on Saturday has the same disruptive effect on your health and energy levels as flying to a country with different timezone, and many of us do this to our bodies every week. Becoming aware of this issue, and tracking if and how it impacts your wellbeing, will help you to see if you need to adjust your sleep timing.

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