Make body clocks work for you

To guide our circadian rhythm, our body uses different cues from the environment. Light (specifically the blue spectrum) is the strongest trigger that guides the central clock in our brain (suprachiasmatic nucleus). But there are other “zeitgebers” – changes in temperature, food, activity, and even social interactions if they happen on regular basis.

These “zeitgebers” (that which gives time) reset the circadian rhythm. Usually this is seen as undesirable – for example if you eat too late at night, your sleep is disrupted and you don’t feel refreshed in the morning.
But you can use them to your advantage if you need sudden change in your circadian rhythm when you travel. Drop in core body temperature can help you to sleep, food at the right time can help your body to wake up and adjust to new timezone. This is why Hecatee uses these cues to improve the quality of your travel and sleep.

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