Reframing stressful situations (Your trigger points = your zen training)

Think about what is the most annoying part of trip for you, and make it your “zen training”. For some it’s the unreasonable requirements from different “authorities” – be it immigration officials, TSA, and other busybodies. If that’s your trigger, avoid those you can, but don’t argue with them, unless they really harass you. What they do may not make sense to anybody else in the world except from them, but they will insist anyway. Feel free to object (politely) and try using reason, but don’t expect them to be moved. You can consider it your zen training. Breathe in, breathe out. Let it go.

If waiting in queues drives you mad because you are losing productive or pleasant time, use podcasts, books or music to make your wait more pleasant. You can use it to rehearse beginning or end of your sales presentation, or imagine all the places you plan to visit at your destination. Or use it for short meditation – body awareness or breathing meditation are good in this context.

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