Flights, especially the long ones, tend to be a fairly stressful affair. Traffic jam on the way to the airport, rushing around the airport interspersed with waiting in queues, unfriendly (or even friendly) immigration and customs officials, changing gates, bureaucracy, noise and difficult last minute decisions whether to buy that tempting chocolate or that gin brand you’ve never seen before – it all adds up. I’m sure that you too have that little thing that makes you crazy when you travel.

To cope with all that our nervous system switches to fight-or-flight mode – which is useful while we need to manage all the airport complexities, but harmful when we can’t switch back when we are sitting on the plane or in our hotel room.

Relax at the airport (lounges, quiet areas)
When you at the airport and have access to airport lounge, head directly there unless you were planning to buy something at duty free stores (most of them are not cheaper than online shopping). If the timing is perfect for food, check whether they have any reasonable food. Don’t forget about salad– your body will need some fiber. Depending on the app recommendations be careful with coffee/caffeinated drinks, but you can have herbal tea anytime.

If you don’t have access to lounge, you need to compare your options. Public lounges are often just slightly more expensive than meal in better airport restaurant, but those tend to be busy and have less than mediocre food. Check reviews and decide whether it’s worth paying. Some have sleep pods which come in handy if you have stopover during your sleep time. If you don’t want to pay extra for the airport lounge, just try finding a quiet spot where you can relax comfortably, not too far from your gate. Most airports in Asia and Europe have dedicated quiet areas.
Cup of warm tea (in your thermal flask) will help you to unwind.

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